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March - April, 2019

Polish teachers help students to find information about loanwords in Polish language. Students make presentations and show them during Polish and English lessons and place them on twinspace.


Loanwords by Ola Siedlecka

Loanwords by Waldek Boczkowski

Loanwords in Polish by Błażej Łepkowski

Loanwords by Wojciech Kubała

Decmeber, 2019 - January, 2020

Students make birds from recykling materials. They can learn how to reuse waste materials to create some ornamentation or toys. They can show the results of their work at the school exhibition.


Tasks during national quarantine in Poland

May, 2020

During the quarantine students from Polish school in Ustka prepare at home traditional dishes from the partner countries.


English dishes:

German dishes:

Croatian dishes: